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Iqbal Day 202109th Nov, 2021

“Failure is not fatal until we surrender, trying again is the key of glorious victory”

Today 9th November 2021, the nation observes 144th birth anniversary of the national poet and philosopher Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Iqbal played an instrumental role in inspiring million of Muslims in the sub-continent to seek an independent homeland where they can practice Islam freely. Allama Muhammad Iqbal was born in Sialkot on 9th November 1877. He was a poet, philosopher, politician, lawyer, scholar and is known as one of the most important figures in Urdu and Persian Literature.

Iqbal was a strong upholder of political and spiritual revival of Islamic civilisation. According to Iqbal, the first step towards Islamic Revolution is through education, by inculcating the teachings of Holy Quran and Sunnah. He motivated muslims especially youth to acquire education and practice Islamic teachings. He strongly felt that there should be an independent state where Muslims can practice their teachings freely. Thus, he laid the foundation of Pakistan and made intense efforts towards achieving an independent state for Muslims where they can practice Islam freely. His poetry is motivational and inspirational.

At Olives School, we observed this day by having a brief discussion about Iqbal and his contributions towards Pakistan to students in all classes.

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Dated: 23rd Mar 2023

pic.twitter.com/2XE6zvuBJiRamadan Mubarak to all!

May Allah ﷻ accept our good deeds and the deeds of our loved ones in this blessed month.

May we all walk on the path of the teachings of Allah ﷻ and his Prophet S.A.W

#RamadanMubarak #Ramadan #RamadanKareem #Ramadan2023

Dated: 21st Mar 2023

As part of our youth initiative, we invited @youthclubpk's @ZiaulHaqRaja to talk about the importance of #Ramadan and the issues pertaining to the youth, surrounding digital media, immoral content and screen addiction.

Watch Full Talk:

#youthclub #islam

Dated: 18th Mar 2023

pic.twitter.com/dcp8QoWlOqpic.twitter.com/dcp8QoWlOqpic.twitter.com/dcp8QoWlOqpic.twitter.com/dcp8QoWlOqMishkat Welfare Trust has started its Ramadan Ration Distribution drive today. We have started distributing ration packs to 300+ deserving families this year and will finish before the start of the Holy month of Ramadan.

#Ramadan #RationDrive #charity #islam #Ramzan #pakistan

Dated: 17th Mar 2023

pic.twitter.com/ghHnB3AWjEEvery year since 2012, needy families are given rations before the start of #Ramadan. Every pack is sufficient for the whole month of a family.
Last date for participating: 22nd March, 2023

To contribute: https://mishkat.pk/blog/ramadan-ration

#ramadanrationdrive #islam #Pakistan #charity

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