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Cooked Food Distribution 201830th May, 2018

A special activity in the later half of Ramadan is Cooked Food Distribution. InshaAllah from today we will be initiating it from today and invite you to participate also.

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Dated: 3rd Aug 2018

pic.twitter.com/oRtLvrcrG4Qurbani Meat Distribution for deserving families during #EidulAzha has been planned. Participate now. #Hajj2018

Dated: 15th Jun 2018


Dated: 11th Jun 2018

pic.twitter.com/A5wue7WuQQToday #Alhamdulillah we have achieved 50% of the initial #crowdfunding target. Help us in providing #education in light of #Islamic values to those who cannot afford. #Charity #Ramadan

Dated: 31st May 2018

pic.twitter.com/iWt2Q1OEqdCooked Food Distribution during the later half of #Ramadan has been initiated. #Fidya is also accepted. Participate now.

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