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Audit Report 202131st Dec, 2021

Audit of accounts for the year 2020-21 has been completed

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You can become a member of Mishkat Welfare Trust by filling out a simple information form and monthly donations. You can also volunteer to become an active member by contributing through your skills and ideas.

Besides becoming a member, you can also give a one time donation.

We also accept Zakat money which will only be spent on the deserving people and not in the expenditure of the Trust.

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Dated: 14th Aug 2022

pic.twitter.com/xNlIiW24thCelebrating #75YearsOfIndependence. May #Allah bless #Pakistan 🇵🇰 with prosperity, stability, #RuleOfLaw and unity. May we fulfill the vision of our beloved country! #PakistanZindabad


Dated: 12th Aug 2022

pic.twitter.com/QWUAXBNAcDFriday Reminder.

Sunnah Narrated by Sahl bin Sa'd (R.A) of the Prophet PBUH on the day of friday.

Jami'at -Tirmidhi 529

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Dated: 5th Aug 2022

pic.twitter.com/I8jWERwOpY#Friday Reminder.

#Hadith Narrated by Abu Al-Ja'd (R.A) about significance of #Jummah prayer and the consequence of not offering it without any valid excuse.

Jami'at -Tirmidhi 500

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#Islam #ProphetMuhammadSAW #hadithoftheday

Dated: 29th Jul 2022

pic.twitter.com/lAU7Zzh3qRFriday Reminder.

#Hadith Narrated by Aws bin Aws (R.A) about the essentials of #Jummah prayer and the reward which will be given if they are followed.

Jami'at -Tirmidhi 496

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